The Elventus League Coaching service is designed to help players

A good coach should have a good understanding of basketball’s basic principles. They should know how to use scouting in the game to find out information about the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Basketball principles are similar to those in other invasion sports. Coaches should make notes after each game against an opponent.


If you’re looking for a competitive edge in League of Legends, you can get help from ClipHero. This game coaching service provides you with video clips that will help you improve your skills. It works on the principle that learning a video game is like learning any other skill, and most of the learning occurs between lessons. The AI that works with ClipHero is based on this belief and focuses on improving your gameplay between lessons. Using this tool will help you get instant feedback and help you avoid mistakes.


The Elventus League Coaching service is designed to help players improve their League ranking in the long run. The team works with League Coaching players to find areas of improvement and then create a plan to achieve those goals. The coaches also provide interim assignments and a community that encourages communication.

Gosu AI

A Lithuanian company has developed an AI-based coaching system for League of Legends that makes use of gamers’ gaming data to provide players with personalized suggestions. The company recently secured a $2.8 million Series B round of funding from Brighteye Ventures, a European education technology venture capital firm. Gosu AI for League Coaching was founded in Vilnius in 2017 by Alisa Chumachenko. It has raised a total of $5.6 million to date, including a $1.9M Series A investment in March.


Isles League Coaching is a coaching service that allows you to hire a gaming expert to help you improve your game. You can hire a coach for $25 per hour and get personalized help from a qualified coach who will guide you through the fundamentals of the game. The coaching staff is committed to helping you improve your game without the use of shortcuts or cheats. Instead, they will teach you the best strategies for gameplay, such as warding and a proper strategy for mid-laning.

Elventus’s League of Legends coaching method

Elventus believes in the power of video games to influence a positive change in society. Its coaching method combines top-tier technical skills with ongoing psychological support from a sport psychologist to help players improve their mindset. To ensure success, Elventus trains and vets its coaches. It also provides ongoing mental training and a psychological test for each player.