Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Necessary

Air Duct Cleaning is a necessary part of keeping the air you breathe clean. The ducts in your home have important functions, such as circulating the air from your heating and cooling system. However, when these systems aren’t cleaned regularly, contaminants can build up and trigger respiratory illnesses. They can also be a source of stale odors. In addition to being a health risk, dirty ducts can affect the life span of your filters.

Some contaminants that can be found in your home’s air include bacteria, mold, pollen, and pet dander. While these types of contaminants aren’t known to cause serious health issues, they can aggravate allergic reactions and trigger respiratory illnesses. Fortunately, air duct cleaning can eliminate these harmful particles, reducing sick days and discomfort.

When choosing a duct cleaning service, make sure the company is licensed and insured. Also, the company should provide a written estimate. Avoid a company that offers “$99 whole house specials”. It is best to get a few estimates from companies that are local to you. You may also want to compare their prices with competitors.

A good duct cleaning service will perform a thorough inspection of the ducts and vents in your home. This includes checking the ductwork for asbestos containing materials. Often, the service provider will use a remote camera to document the conditions inside the ducts.

In addition to cleaning the ductwork, an experienced duct cleaner will also remove odor-trapping particles. Once this has been accomplished, you can feel comfortable breathing in clean, fresh air. Having cleaner air means you’ll enjoy better health and comfort, and it can also reduce the amount of money you spend on medical bills.

Ideally, you should have the ducts and vents in your house professionally cleaned once every three years. But that doesn’t mean you should wait until a major remodeling project to have the ducts cleaned.

Air duct cleaning isn’t an exact science, but it can be effective. Professionals use specialized tools and equipment to clean theĀ Air Duct Cleaning ducts. Using a high-powered vacuum is a must, as well as a high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuuming equipment. Before the work begins, be sure to show the service provider a checklist of what should be cleaned.

Chemical biocides are sometimes used to kill bacteria and fungi in the ducts. These chemicals kill spores and fungi, preventing them from re-growing. Biocides are not always recommended because they can harm people’s health, but they may be useful in certain circumstances.

Air ducts also tend to accumulate dust. Even a light amount of dust in your home isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but a buildup can result in a musty smell. To avoid the accumulation of dust in your ducts, you can buy a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner, or you can remove the dust yourself. Be careful to clean access holes, so the dirt doesn’t just get into your ducts and flow into your home.

Air ducts are often a source of harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and volatile chemicals, which can trigger asthma attacks or respiratory illness. During the course of a construction or renovation project, dust can accumulate in the ducts. If the dirt and debris is not properly removed, it can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.