Door Frame Lining

Before installing door frame lining, it is essential to determine the exact dimensions of the door frame. This can be achieved by taking the thickness of the head of the door and subtracting it from the height you want the lining to be. Next, hold the head of the door against the top of the frame and mark the length of the lining accordingly. Once the measurements have been established, you can cut the lining to size. Remember to avoid removing too much wood as this can ruin the lining.

89mm CLS door frame lining

If you’re looking for a door frame lining that is quick and easy to install, you’ve come to the right place. The Wickes Internal Cls Sized 63mm Softwood Door Lining is fully certified for use with 63mm CLS studwork. It is also compatible with most of the Wickes internal door range.

This door frame lining is made from high quality Whitewood and is cheap and easy to install. It comes with door stops and is suitable for painting or staining.

89mm CLS upper door frame lining

You can use 89mm CLS upper door frame liners for your internal doors. These are easy to install and fully certified. You can purchase these at timber and builders merchants. However, architrave they are not available in big DIY stores. You’ll need to use a specialist retailer.

89mm CLS lateral door frame lining

You can now get 89mm CLS lateral door frame liner from builders’ merchants or timber merchants. However, it’s not sold at the big DIY stores. That’s a shame, as the lining is well worth it, and it can make a big difference to the appearance of your home.

The lining kit has various depth options, depending on the thickness of your door. To get the correct depth, the door frame should be wider than the lining kit depth. If the door frame is 100mm deep, you’ll need to order a 131mm kit.

89mm CLS 89mm CLS door frame lining

89mm CLS door frame lining is available from a range of retailers including timber merchants and builders merchants. This type of lining is more suitable for internal doors that measure between 2’3″ and 2’6″ (686mm to 760mm). It can be found in various sizes and can be purchased in packs of three or more.