The Child Wool Clothes

Child wool clothes are the best option for little ones because they are lightweight, comfortable, breathable and naturally stain resistant. They are also incredibly durable and can be passed down for generations.

Whether your little one has started to crawl or simply needs a new pair of pajamas, there are lots of options for children’s wool thermals that will last a long time without breaking the bank. Some of these are made from a mix of merino and silk, which gives them the benefits of wool but with the strength of silk as well.

The onesies and thermal sets at Nui have thoughtful design features like cuffs that roll down, so they will be able to fit your child for many years. The rib knit fabric will help them stretch sideways to allow your child to grow and the knee patch will be a great feature to keep them safe from injury when they start to crawl.

These merino wool long johns are perfect for a baby as a base layer in the winter or as their only thermal garment when the weather is warmer. The ribbed fabric also has plenty of sideways stretch which means they can be worn for hours on end.

They are also incredibly practical for when your little one starts to crawl, with the added bonus of having double reinforced knees, which is a huge plus in my book!

This wool sleep sack is another great choice for babies, as it is naturally warm and helps them regulate their body temperature, helping them to get a better night’s sleep. The adjustable shoulder snaps help you get the right fit for your little one, and the bottom zipper makes diaper changes quick and easy.

Chasing Windmills has a great selection of baby and toddler wool naked wear that is ethically sourced from New Zealand and Australia. They are committed to sustainability, which is why all their products are manufactured in carbon neutral facilities.

These merino silk onesie and thermal sets are made with 30% mulberry silk and 70% merino wool, which is a great blend for keeping your child warm in cooler climates. The rib knit fabric is incredibly soft and they have thoughtful design features like cuffs which can be rolled down, so they will be able to last a long time without breaking the bank.

All their merino long sleeve shirts are super soft and they have an envelope neck so they can be pulled over the head easily for a secure fit. They are also very easy to wash and dry so they will keep your baby clean and cozy for a long time!

They also carry an excellent collection of baby and toddler base layers, which are very thick and have a lot of stretch in the fabric. They have a nice variety of colors, including light shades like bluestone and dusk.

Simply Merino is a family-owned company that takes pride in creating high-quality products that are also sustainable. All of their clothing is made with merino wool and other natural materials, and they are very waste conscious about what they do with it all. Their products are made in Vancouver, Canada and they make sure they source all of their materials locally–everything from elastic to packaging.