Types of Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber expansion joints are a type of connector used in systems that transport fluids, slurries, and gases. Some of these systems include power plant air duct systems, gas turbine and diesel engine installations, cement and steel works, offshore systems, ships, and other applications. The following is a brief description of the different types of rubber expansion joints available.


TANIQ rubber expansion joints are engineered products that are placed in rigid piping systems to absorb movement, improve thermal stability and compensate for misalignment. These products are manufactured using an optimized process that incorporates lightweight engineering principles and optimization through finite element models. This automated manufacturing process helps reduce production time while introducing high quality and consistency.


Unisource’s PTFE-lined expansion joints and spool-type rubber expansion joints are designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. These joints have several features that set them apart from standard expansion joints. For example, they have a wide-arch design and high-pressure reinforcing that is made of polyester fabric plies and steel wire, giving them an impressive working pressure. They are also available with an optional rubber foam liner for added protection.

Series 1500 Ultra-Spool

Ultra-Spool rubber expansion joints are designed for the most demanding applications and are domestically manufactured. They offer precise specifications and a wider range of movement than standard narrow arch designs. They are available in many sizes, and are constructed with multiple plies of polyester and thick steel body rings for added strength. They also retain a high vacuum rating even at high temperatures.

Series 301

Series 301 rubber expansion joints feature a high-quality EPDM rubber core and nylon tire cord reinforcing. These expandable piping parts can withstand extra high pressures of up to 300 psi (20 bar). These products are available in a wide variety of elastomers to accommodate any piping application. The Series 303 series is available in an open or modified arch design, and its design reduces spring rate by more than double that of the Series 301 open arch.

Style 301 single sphere

Style 301 single sphere rubber expansion joints feature high-temperature EPDM rubber with rubber expansion joints galvanized ductile iron threaded female union ends. They also feature special cable restraint attachments that surround the connector ends to prevent them from overextending due to pressure thrust. These expansion joints are designed for small-diameter piping applications.

Series 301 single sphere

Unisource Series 301 single sphere rubber expansion joints feature a steel body ring and high-temperature EPDM rubber. They also feature galvanized ductile iron threaded female union ends. Special cable restraint attachments surround the connector ends, preventing over-extension caused by pressure thrust. The Series 301 is ideal for isolating piping in small diameters.