Check Valves are important to pipeline systems

EVR Products manufactures a range of rubber-based products. These include standard products and custom-made solutions. They are used in a variety of industries and applications. They are especially popular in the automotive and aerospace sectors. In addition to this, EVR also produces a range of specialized products.

Expansion Joints

EVR products are rubber expansion joints used in a variety of industrial applications. They can be customized to fit a specific application, or can be purchased in standard sizes. The company manufactures products for use in petrochemical, pulp and paper, and food processing industries. Their products are available from distributors across the world.

Check Valves

Check Valves are important to pipeline systems. They prevent back flow by allowing flow of a product in only one direction. These valves remain open when flow is in the proper direction and close automatically when the flow reverses. ThisĀ informative post feature is particularly important for pumps and compressors, as back flow can cause internal damage to these machines and can force a complete plant shutdown.

Duct Connectors

EVR’s duct connectors are available for a variety of applications. Flue duct connectors have excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. They also offer excellent fatigue resistance and offer flexibility of material selection. Additionally, duct connectors from EVR can be insulated for high temperatures, which eliminates vibration and noise.

Pump Connectors

EVR Products is a manufacturer of elastomeric piping products. Elastomeric piping products help industries and municipalities control the flow of liquids and water. Their products can be used in mining, power generation, pulp and paper, water and waste treatment, and marine industries. EVR also offers duckbill check valves for diversion of runoff water, which help prevent flooding of nearby homes.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are important components in many applications. These sensors measure pressure and allow operators to adjust the pressure accordingly. They are available with a wide variety of features, from a simple digital display to IO-Link compatibility. In addition, these sensors are ideal for applications where temperature and power consumption are critical.

Replacement Sleeves

EVR Products manufactures various rubber-based products. Their range includes standard and customized solutions for a wide range of applications.