Tideflex inline check valve

The Wastop backflow valve is a simple, effective backflow prevention valve that excels at preventing backflow, flooding, and sewage odor. Its easy-to-install design allows it to be inserted into almost any type of existing pipe. It has a number of mounting options, including a chamber and flanges.


The Tideflex wastop backflow valve offers a number of benefits over traditional backflow prevention valves. Its design provides more strength and durability for outfall applications. Its flat bottom and flared top allow for easier installation. The TF-1 also reduces overall elevation and requires less bottom clearance, which is especially important in low-lying areas. The TF-1 is also a superior choice for high-head installations and areas where debris may be present.

Another benefit of the Tideflex is its long lifespan. Its operational life is approximately 30 years. It operates on back pressure and line pressure and does not require an external energy source. It also has a low cracking pressure and does not experience a high head loss. Furthermore, it is unaffected by UV light.

Using a Tideflex check valve will ensure that seawater is kept out of your stormwater pipe network. Backflow from seawater can cause street flooding, a buildup of sediment, and disruption of traffic flow. Traditional flapgates fail to provide a reliable backflow solution and have been proven to be costly and ineffective. The Tideflex check valve is a hassle-free, maintenance-free solution to a difficult backflow problem. The Tideflex check valve can be installed on any type of pipe, and can be connected to ANSI flanges or thimble plates.

In addition to protecting water systems, the Tideflex wastop backflow valve can help prevent flooding and odor. Its unique flexible membrane allows it to open when forward flow moves under it and close when reverse flow fills it. It is available in sizes ranging from 3 inches to 72 inches. It is often combined with a J&S HedFlex check valve, which is a complementing product.

The Tideflex Checkmate Inline valve is an integral part of an interceptor installation, preventing water from backing up into a sewage treatment plant. Its unique inline design means it can be installed without making any changes to structures. This makes it the preferred choice of municipal and commercial property owners. The Tideflex Checkmate valve has no mechanical parts and can be installed on any type of pipe. Its low headloss and long life ensure that it is a very reliable solution for backflow prevention.

Another popular inline check valve is the CheckMate UltraFlex Inline Check Valve. It is designed with top article low headloss and a unique multi-elastomer construction. It is simple to install and is designed to withstand chemicals, oils, and grease.

This patented design prevents backflow, flooding, and odor from entering the pipeline. It can be installed in a wide range of pipes, including pvc and stainless steel pipes. It can be installed at the inlet, outlet, and chamber. It ensures that the valve remains open and prevents backflow in all situations.

A Tideflex Inline Check Valve has many advantages. It is designed to prevent backflow and is out of the flow path. It opens only when there is positive gravity flow. This valve also requires little maintenance from the user. It can also operate in submerged conditions.